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Who We Are

Kenya Heritage Studios began operations in 1990 from Nakuru, At Hyrax Complex. Ideas, innovation, quality service and products is what fueled Kenya Heritage Studios expansion and establishment as one of the leading design & production companies in the region, As we pride our self to be present in most of the major Towns, hence bring your design to your location be it the office your house you name it; we shall bring it to you courtesy of out Mobile Studio. With an extension workshop of over 10,000sq.ft of production facility. This expansion allowed all components of our business to perform more efficiently. Ensuring better quality control and faster turnaround times for our clients. At Kenya Heritage Studios, you get to work with people who are driven by ideas rather than the bottom line. To us, there's nothing more exciting than a good idea.

We believe work should be challenging, rewarding and fun, and we want to work with clients who think along similar lines.
We work to create a powerful influence with our clients’ brands by combining our experience, fresh new ideas with emerging trends worldwide to create powerful messages through the various items that we produce which address local market needs while still reinforcing the brand identity. We help our clients keep us in tune with local market nuances, which is critical for the success of our company.


To partner with our customers and add value to their business through the provision of creative, quality and innovative design products and service. To deliver these products and services with a proactive approach and the highest level of customer service.


To leave a positive mark in the creative industry.

Our Focus:

Our focus is based on offering our clients quality, superior service and creativity which has seen our company increase its customer base to include diverse clientele such as Corporate Companies, NGO’s, CBO's, medium sized firms and the Government. Our dedication to creating the highest quality products and exceeding customer expectations has positioned us as one of the largest and most respected branding companies in Kenya. Our skilled professionals, using the latest design technology and techniques, produce quality products to meet our clients’ individual and very unique needs.